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NASA Almond Geometry

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NASA Almond geometry has been used for RCS (Radar Cross Section) experiments and simulation benchmarking.

License: Open Source

This is the surface model of NASA Almond geometry which has been modeled according to the [1]. Three different formats are available to download.


File Name
File Size Availability
nasaAlmond-mod0.7z 64,1kB Download
  • nasaAlmond.3dm (v5)
  • nasaAlmond.igs
  • nasaAlmond.stp (AP214)
  • license
Version History: mod0 / First Release - 01.11.2016



1. Benchmark Radar Targets for the Validation of Computational Electromagnetic Programs - IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine Vol.35, No.1, 1993,  Alex C.Woo - Helen T. G. Wang - Michael J. Schuh - Michael L. Sanders

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