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This is a sample parabolic Wigley hull surface model which is mainly used for research studies on marine hydrodynamics.

License: Open Source

Surface Models | Submarines | Research Models | 3dm | step

This is the fairwater (sail) geometry of the experimental SUBOFF submarine model.

License: Open Source

3dm | iges | Aerofoils | Asymmetric

An airfoil which has been designed for low Reynolds (≤500.000) number applications. There are many systematic experimental data available by various wind tunnels at low-Re regime.

License: Open Source

Solid Models | 3dm | step | Propellers

This is a generic seven bladed, highly skewed submarine propeller.

License: Open Source

Surface Models | Research Models | 3dm | iges | step | Special Geometries

NASA Almond geometry has been used for RCS (Radar Cross Section) experiments and simulation benchmarking.

License: Open Source

Surface Models | Submarines | Research Models | 3dm | iges | Hydrofoils | Axisymmetric

Series 58 covers 24 derived body of revolution geometries described by a sixth degree polynomial form and 4166 is one them.

License: Open Source

Surface Models | 3dm | Boats

This is the hull surface model of the famous sailing vessel Susie S. built in 1871 and you will get it as native Rhino3D (v5) file.

License: Open Source
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