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This is the fairwater (sail) geometry of the experimental SUBOFF submarine model.

License: Open Source

The DARPA SUBOFF project has been designed to evaluate in a competitive environment directly against model test results, flow field predictions of an axisymmetric hull model with and without appendages.

The model configurations were designed at DTRC and are given in refrence [1]


File Name
File Size Availability
darpaSuboff-fairwater-mod0.7z 60,2kB Download
  • darpaSuboff-fairwater.3dm (v5)
  • darpaSuboff-fairwater.stp (AP214)
  • license
Version History: mod0 / First Release - 04.12.2016



1. Geometric Characteristics of Darpa Suboff Models (Dtrc Model Nos. 5470 and 5471), 1989, Nancy C.Groves - Thomas T.Huang - Ming S.Chang

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