The ShipThe section named bareHull.3D is a 2D/3D computational geometry and analysis database mainly but not limited to the naval architecture and marine engineering interests. The first version has been released at around 1999. This section was de-activated for a decade due to a couple of reasons.

After a very long delay the bareHULL.3D has been completely rebuilt from scratch and launched again. This a beta release and there are not much stuff on the model database yet. After some testing on the ocean if everything goes well the updating procedure will begin. Since work in progress there may be significant feature changes.

2D Data

2D Data (2/9 )

Wing Sections, Hull Lines Plans, Drawings and Graphs, Image Files

3D Models

3D Models (10/27 )

Surface Vehicles, Underwater Vehicles, Research Models, Vessel Components, Mechanics, Biomimetics, Special Geometries, by Formats, by Representations

CAE Case Files

CAE Case Files (2/14 )

Preprocessing, CFD, FEA, Multiphysics, by Software, by Method


Others (-/2 )

Scripts, Spreadsheets

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